Product Showdowns for Next-Generation Data Teams

Atlan’s live sessions are a forum for all Humans of Data to learn how we help you build a winning data culture💙

We have an exciting lineup of sessions for the coming weeks 😀 We'd love to show you how Atlan can help you build a winning data culture!

Join us live every week at 11:00 am EST / 3:00 pm GMT

  • July 7th: Minimising Ad hoc Data Requests Through Self-Service with Atlan
  • July 14th: Implementing Data Governance for Clarity With Atlan
  • July 21st: Make All Your Data Assets Easily Discoverable With Atlan
  • July 28th: Visualising Data Lineage from Tables to Dashboards with Atlan

We will also give a quick walkthrough of Atlan including

  • Building a single source of truth for all your data assets
  • Integrating with your favorite tools from the modern data stack
  • Some of the core use cases of the data teams that Atlan helps solve
  • and more...🚀

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