Secrets of a Modern Data Leader

LIVE Q&A: The first 365 days inside a data team 

Date: Thursday, January 12 | Time: 1:00 pm EST

There’s no playbook for modern data leaders. As a community, we’re still figuring out what it means to be a great data leader—how to build a great culture, what tools and frameworks to use, what stack to build, etc. For someone starting new in this role, it can be overwhelming.

In this candid chat, three experienced data leaders will unpack how they think about a wide range of leadership topics:

👉 Investing in building a strong foundation for your data team: What it looks like and how they approached this for their own teams

👉 Nurturing a growing team: How data leaders can help their team productivity and people grow while continuing to meet the growing demands from the rest of the organization

👉 Cultivating a data culture unique to your data team: Setting and building the right team values, approaching governance inside the team, creating cadences and rituals, and more


Austin Kronz
Director of Data Strategy, Atlan


Erica Louie
Head of Data, dbt Labs


Gordon Wong
Former BI Leader, HubSpot & Fitbit


Stephen Bailey
Data Engineer, Whatnot