Atlan Masterclass

Elastic's Data Governance Revolution:

The Role of Active Metadata Platforms 

Learn how Elastic succeeds at governance with modern data catalogs utilizing active metadata.
Takashi Ueki

Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics, Elastic

Governance requires a delicate balance of technology and people, but traditional catalogs fail by not aligning data producers and consumers. That’s where active metadata comes in. Modern data catalogs utilizing active metadata can act as that keystone linking data producer and consumer needs, resulting in real business impact.

During the Masterclass and Live Q&A, Takashi Ueki, Director of Enterprise D&A at Elastic, helped answer the following:

👉 How are other organizations like Elastic approaching data governance?

👉 How do you evaluate a data catalog?

👉 What use cases are supported by having the right data catalog in place?
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Meet the Speakers

Takashi Ueki

Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics


Takashi leads the Enterprise Data and Analytics team at Elastic, focused on the democratization of trusted data across the org by driving how data is defined, consumed, delivered, and governed. As a strategic partner to the business, he is passionate about “meeting people where they are” to minimize friction, increase alignment, and enable data-driven decision making.

Austin Kronz

Director of Data Strategy


Austin Kronz is the Director of Data Strategy at Atlan. He works with customers on implementing modern data strategies, navigating key trends such as Data Mesh and Data Fabric, and evangelizing the active metadata category. Austin spent the last 5 years as a Gartner research Director.